Building Automation HVAC Control Systems

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Building Automation Intelligence Systems That Make Sense

With today's rising energy costs, it only makes sense to invest in a reliable state of the art building automation control system for your building or technical facility. Let us show you how to save energy dollars while controlling your facilities from remote locations via the internet!

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HVAC Process Control Solutions

Professional Heating & Cooling, Inc. has partnered with Alerton - an industry leader in building automation and process controls. Alerton possesses over 30 years in the building automation business with their BACnet® system already in place in thousands of buildings and facilities worldwide.

Their comprehensive, customized solutions are designed to keep the people inside safe, comfortable, and productive. Apart from efficient control of a building's HVAC system, they also integrate into fire, security and lighting systems.

Alerton solutions are designed to perfectly match your unique needs by offering centralized management, interoperable systems, seamless integration with existing designs, and simplified user interfaces — all of which increase the value of your property.

Alerton’s systems are ideal for structures in the following markets:

  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Office
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Airports
  • Government
  • Specialized


Our engineers have been extensively trained to understand all aspects of the Alerton product line to create and maintain systems that are customized to help achieve your specific goals.  We listen to your concerns and respond with personal attention, innovative solutions, and flexible product support options.

Advantages To Building Automation Systems

THERE ARE MANY BENEFITS to using a DDC (Direct Digital Control) Systems for facilities temperature control, security, and lighting control...

SAVE MONEY by gaining energy dollar savings through Peak Demand Limiting, Start-Stop Schedules, and the use of VFD's (Variable Frequency Drives.)

DEVELOP historical records on the operating characteristics of a building, IDENTIFY TRENDS that can lead to BETTER PERFORMANCE.

GAIN comprehensive alarm management in the event of a mechanical system malfunction, and remote operation of a building, lights, security, and environmental controls.

SAVE TIME by eliminating the need to change various time clocks for holidays and schedule changes.

DIRECT DIGITAL CONTROLS can replace pneumatic controllers that tend to drift out of calibration and suffer from "offset" (i.e., pneumatic controllers don't have the ability to maintain the temperature at set point under changing load conditions).